Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to see a Doctor first?

No, California allows direct access to Physical therapy for a limited duration. However, patients will have to pay out of pocket for these visits because most insurance companies are still requiring a doctors prescription. If you do not want to pay out of pocket then please bring a prescription from your doctor.


What should I bring?

Insurance card, Photo ID, prescription from the MD, authorization approval from your insurance company.


What should I wear?

Clothing that will allow direct access to the injured area, ex: a tank top for a shoulder injury or shorts for a knee injury. If we are performing standing exercises you will  require laced closed toe shoes. Feel free to bring clothes with you to to change into if you are coming directly from work.


How long will my treatment last?

Usually around 45 minutes, however some treatments may be up to one hour.


Do you do massage Therapy?

Yes, massage may be part of your treatment plan depending on the injury. However we will be focusing on the injured area only.