Pain Control Modality Services

Modalities are specialized therapeutic techniques, agents or devices often integrated into our treatment programs. Modalities utilize sound waves, heat, mechanical, electrical and light energy to create change in tissues for therapeutic purposes. Here is a current list of services that PT Dynamics uses to treat our patients:



Ultrasound which is helpful reducing pain and inflammation in arthritic joints or strained muscles by using powerful sound waves to create deep heat and vibration.


Laser Therapy

Laser stimulates the cells in the area which brings blood flow to help speed up the bodies natural healing abilities. It also will decrease pain and swelling.


Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation techniques utilize a variety of wavelengths designed to block the pain signal to your brain or help improve active muscle contraction and control for weakness related to surgeries or injuries. IFC, TENS, Biphasic and Russian currents are some of the more common ones we use.


Lumbar and Cervical traction

Help with reduce radiating pain caused by nerve compression often found with bulging discs, degeneration and stenosis.



Moist heat and cold packs

Moist heat packs help loosen up tight muscles or joints in preparation for stretching and exercises. Moist cold packs help decrease pain and swelling or even using ice massages for severe inflammation and pain.


Body Mechanics

We offer techniques to help improve long term recovery including training in body mechanics, lifting techniques, and posture. We also offer agility training, gait training with or without assistive devices. Your treatments will be paired with exercises to help maintain the strength, ROM and gait improvements we achieve from therapy.


Professional Gym

Our gym has a variety of state-of-the-art machines we use to achieve maximum effectiveness of your treatments.